About us

connecting business beyond borders

Connecting business beyond borders

Our mission at Medeiros Holdings Co., Ltd. bridges East and West businesses together by connecting fair and equitable financial opportunities beyond borders. To achieve our objective we utilize our many years of experience working as successful Western entrepreneurs in Japan, and with other Asian markets. Our goal is to provide our clients with efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and integrity in the work we do. At Medeiros Holdings Co., Ltd., our successful business model has allowed us to provide Eastern and Western entrepreneurs the tools and opportunity to successfully penetrate global markets and grow their business investment.



Work hand-in-hand with out clients and partners to achieve the mutual goal to success.


Doing the right thing and keeping our strong moral principles no matter the outcome.


We love what we do, which is why we have the enthusiasm and energy to make the change.

4.Pursuit of Perfection

We never stop learning, and always strive to exceed all expectations from our clients.

Business Description

Medeiros Holdings Co., Ltd. (MH) was established in April 2016 with the primary objective of joining the entrepreneur leadership and experience of key affiliate companies together to enhance the combined goals of the group. MH is based in Tokyo, Japan providing it the opportunity to directly assist Western and Eastern entrepreneurs and investors entering overseas markets.

Located at the crossroads between East and West markets, Japan offers the ideal location to provide the resources necessary for entrepreneur and investors to expand their markets globally. Medeiros Holdings having experience and resources to approach directly markets in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other Asian markets, in addition to markets in the U.S.A. and Europe.

In the fast and ever expanding global market of fashion and food, our passion for these two categories of business has made it possible to for us to come up with innovative, creative and stylish models to serve our clients and provide them with positive results. We are a service oriented company designed to provide our combined expertise in connecting global partners and penetrating markets beyond individual borders. Our service approach is aligned to each client, industry and country, and the many years of experience we have has made our business model ideal for entrepreneur and investors working with us to connect businesses to go beyond boundaries.
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